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Client: Bonatti
location: Kazakhstan
Period: from November 2019 until to September 2020
Building type: Electrical Substation (S/S 5 tag)
Building size: Overall dimension 40.000 x W 8.400 x H 4.000, composed by
the following modules: No. 2 Electrical Rooms, size 22.400 x 4.440 x 4.090 mm
No. 1 Battery Room, size 20.040 x 4.440 x 4.090 mm
No. 1 Technical Room, size 20.040 x 4.440 x 4.090 mm
No. 1 HVAC Room 12.200 x 4.300 x 4. 090 mm
End user: KPO - Karachaganak Petroleum Operating

Scope of work

  • Full Welding Type Blast
  • Steel code: ASTM
  • Access floor, false floor
  • Battery room with Eex-d system
  • Air Lock
E-house external equip: Eex-d system (Hazardous area)
Fire & Gas System: Smoke (point and aspirating type - Vesda), heat and gas detectors, visual and audible alarm equipment complete of fire alarm control panel
Auxiliary systems: Normal and emergency lighting, sockets, lightning, earthing
  • 2x100% (unit safe area)
  • 2x100% (split unit safe area)
  • Air pressurization
  • Duct System, HVAC control panel
Main equipment:
  • Telecom and PLC cabinet
  • Low voltage switchboard

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